Leading With Kindness

How good people consistently get superior results

One of the concepts of the book Leading With Kindness is the notion that anyone can become a strong leader by practicing kindness in their everyday work. If you are growing your career and want to learn how to be a better leader, this site is for you. So how does Leading With Kindness play […]

On Air:

Bill Baker on the BBC

Bill Baker spent some time at the BBC’s ‘Bush House’ in London discussing this summer’s investment banking failure.  The BBC wondered if part of the failure was a result of bad leadership. 

posted: January 5th, 2009
Great Places to Work:

Google – Ideas Are Number One

Google’s reputation as a great place to work is generally based on playrooms and valet services, but employees also enjoy free gourmet lunches, car washes, massage rooms and on-site laundries, not to mention managers encourage Googlers to use scooters to cruise the long hallways in their offices.  But these superficial perks are just the tip […]

Eileen Fisher – The Wholeness Philosophy

Highly successful women’s clothing manufacturer Eileen Fisher wants its employees to be whole people. That means: No extra hours. “Employees are encouraged to go home at 5.30 p.m. and not work on weekends”, says EF’s Chief Culture Officer Susan Schor. Wellness. EF grants its employees education and wellness allowances totaling $2,000/year. The wellness money can […]

Mitchells – The Hug Policy

Jack and Bill Mitchell, owners of this $60 million clothing retailer, have developed a corporate culture based on very close and special connections with their employees and customers. In fact, Jack Mitchell has written two successful books on the subject called Hug Your People and Hug Your Customers. In his books, Mitchell describes how recognizing […]

Juilliard – Excellence, Respect, Flexibility and Commitment

Excellence. With only 800 students in the entire school and tens of thousands of eager applicants, gaining acceptance to Juilliard is harder than getting into any of the Ivy League colleges. The faculty is formed by a select group of active professionals in the fields of dance, drama and music. That is the basis of […]

Pitney Bowes – One Big Family

They call it the “Pitney Bowes University”. This market-leading mail-sorting company pays college tuition to its employees to help them grow and expand inside the company. There are also free online courses that every employee can take. As a result, many employees rise up through the corporate ranks. Some of PB’s engineers started as workers […]

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