Recognize Achievements
Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008
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Don’t lose sight of the many accomplishments that occur outside the formal goal-setting process. It is impossible to identify everything that will need to be done a year or more in advance. It is essential to recognize achievements that went beyond the call of duty.

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  • Maureen Flanagan

    How right is Theodore isaac Rubin when he stated “Kindness is more important than widom and the recognition of this is the beginning of wisdom. How long is it going to take for businesses to realise that the money comes in if everyone is enjoying work and working well as a team. They work at their peak and everyone is happy.
    The book I had published ‘Along the Way’ has amazed me in what kindness that is out there and how kindness results in amazing surprises. I had High School children talking about my book and saying how they want to get out there and pay back to society because their life is good. So manhy said that very big organisations lose the personal touch and do not treat their staff well. do not reward them and certainly wouldn’t bother bringing in something for morning tea. Many just don’t care so I wonder why their workers don’t care. With a combinations of enthusiasm and kindness their business should grow over night. Everyone wants some recognition, to feel wanted If there is a very big turn over in the big company there is a major problem and that is “How are they really treating their staff.”
    Kind wishes, Maureen flanagan.

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