Get More from Your Employees
Thursday, September 11th, 2008
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The best way to succeed is for a leader to figure out how to get the best from everyone and how to prevent employees from prematurely giving up. The basic prescription is for leaders to produce a culture that has ability to extract relevant information from its data and transform it into usable knowledge. This ability requires that people of the organization become iteratively smarter so they know what new information they should gather, how it relates to other information on hand, and what implications are.

  • Jenni

    My staff says If you get to familiar with the staff they take advantage of you!!!!!!!!

  • Ann

    Hi Jenni, I think the best way to avoid feeling like this is to set clear objectives that the individuals should take responsibility for, trust them to do it and they will become accountable to themselves, you can then measure their work rather than their behaviour.

  • Bob

    You know it’s funny, I have a two person firm and I’ve done an awful lot for my admin assistant of 9 years, both personally and professionally and yet somehow we’ve spiraled down to the point that she acts as if it’s an afront to her if I do anything “boss like” such as setting a deadline or putting anything formal to a process. I don’t think you can be kinder than I’ve been and yet, I get nothing for it. It’s disheartening at a time of year when being innervated by your work isn’t a good thing.

  • Bill Mullins

    There is a fine line between being “kind” and being friendly with employees. I think it would be especially difficult with a small firm/company where employee/supervisor relationships are put more on an even playing field. Reestablish their role and empower them to make some of the decisions such as deadlines and redeveloping processes. Managing change with someone who is established in a comfortable culture is quite difficult.

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