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Monday, August 11th, 2008
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There was a time when bosses were expected to be tough on their employees. Not any more. It’s becoming increasingly clear that encouraging employees to excel, soliciting their input and treating them with compassion are the keys to success. Bill Baker, Ph.D., and Michael O’Malley, Ph.D, have spent the past several years researching the subject and putting their findings into this web site, a book and a new documentary film. We hope these principles help you improve your leadership skills and you in turn contribute too.

  • Ken Morris

    I’m a retired U.S. Marine Corps Chief Warrant Officer Five; have been employed with the Kentucky Department of Criminal Justice Training Leadership development section for ten years. I am finishing my 2nd MS degree in Criminal Justice Organizational Leadership at Eastern Kentucky University. I’ve studied Social Psychology, Organizational Psychology, Organizational Change, Management of Public Human Resources, Management of Public Organizations, Ethics, Policy and Procedure, plus numerous Criminal Justice courses. I am an FBI National Academy Graduate and have an MS in Human Relations from Golden Gate University, San Francisco, California. Everything I read, research, discuss, and write supports the theory of Leadership by Kindness. This is a major factor in the retention of human resources in both the public and private sectors. This book is timely, accurate, and worth every penny to buy and apply what the author argues. I’ve also read Apprecitive Inquiry and found it to be right on target also. This is a valuable book for anyone who desires to improve their leadership capabilities.

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