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Sunday, January 4th, 2009
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One of the concepts of the book Leading With Kindness is the notion that anyone can become a strong leader by practicing kindness in their everyday work. If you are growing your career and want to learn how to be a better leader, this site is for you.

So how does Leading With Kindness play out in the real world? Managers at Google let their employees set their own goals. Start into the site by listening to Google talent director Judy Gilbert tell you how they do it.

  • jacqueline M. Walters

    An excellent book, a must for any one who wishes to be a success in Business Relationships in the workplace, and a well establish winning Relationships with Prospects and Customers.

  • jacqueline M. Walters

    An excellent book for any one who wishe to use the power of kindnes, to accomplish winning results with prospects and cuatomers, this book is also a valuable tool for workplace relationships.

  • Nancy

    It was the third interview where I sat with the owner, (Jawood, IT Contract House in Troy Michigan ) a proud woman owner lead the interview. In the 45 minutes I spent she, the owner spent 100% of that time presenting me with stressful scenarios. Even though I felt I had experienced nearly every situation no matter what I said she came back and made the situation even more miserable, she annied up every single time. She never one time accepted my response. I don’t think she even heard my responses. At one point during her intensive negative rant and list of demands I had to say “I’m one person, with two hands, and two legs, just like anybody else. I’m experienced, reliable and have a history that lists my accomplishments. I’m well educated and have plenty of impressive work experience.” To top it off I also caught a lie during that interview.

    I’m gong to send her the home page of Bill Bakers leading with kindness. I’m also going to including Bill Bakers taping with Charlie Rose. I honestly wonder if she’s capable of getting it. How in the heck do people like this woman manage to stay in business much les keep any of her employees? I’m certain that she’s was having more than just a bad day the day I met and interviewed with her. It was absolutely amazing!

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