“American business is changing”
Monday, August 11th, 2008
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“American business is changing” says Citi Group Chairman Robert Rubin. Whether you’re in the corner office or a cubicle, The Leading with Kindness website will help you become a better leader. This is a site for anyone who considers themselves a leader, whether you’re in charge of 100,000 or just yourself.

  • Sally

    Leading with Kindness should become a national movement. CEO’s are currently taking too big a piece of the pie.

  • Mike

    I have one boss who never has anything nice to say and she makes me anxious and nervous when she’s around therefore causing a decline in the quality of my work. On the other hand, others who are above me in the pecking order treat me much better causing me to work better as a result of less anxiety. The kindness idea certainly makes sense to me.

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