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Higher Education on Long Island

Long Island is home to some of the nation’s most prestigious institutions of higher learning. With college degrees becoming more and more important in today’s workforce, Long Island’s colleges and universities are playing a huge role in driving the economy. Dr. Jacquelyn Nealon, chief of staff at LIU and Dr. Herman Berliner, provost of Hofstra University, discuss the state of higher education.

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  • WLIW21 Wednesday, Dec. 24 7:30pm
  • NJTV
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    • vermilion sphere

      ” Long Island Wine ” : i’m looking for DATE WINE ! :)

    • Sue

      screw you medical school deans, etc. how much do you get paid to select certain residents???? biased biased biased ruined my child’s life don’t even call yourselves honorable doctors!!!!!!! hate all of you
      signed, educated my child for nothing PS “a mind is a terrible thing to waste” fools

    • SPKorn

      In what business do employers contribute 16 percent of salary toward employee retirement? Scandalous. And zero risk to the employee…unlike the taxpayers paying the benefits bill probably viewed as a birthright by the teachers.