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Long Island Screening Room - January 22, 2015

In this episode of the Long Island Screening Room, Host Diane Masciale interviews Hamptons International Film Festival Executive Director, Anne Chaisson and Artistic Director David Nugent. And later we meet Long Island-born actor, Eddie McGee, who talks about his personal journey as an actor.

Air Dates

  • WLIW21 Thursday, Jan. 29 7:30pm
  • NJTV
    • LI_Ray

      Great. Just Great.

    • NYCAndy

      I really like this show. I learned a great deal about Fire Island, and your first show featuring the two student filmmakers.

    • Joyce A. Zucker

      I’m sorry to have tuned in near the end of this show. It was the most uplifting, hopeful, thoughtful, best thing I’ve seen in years. It should be shown to teachers and students throughout the nation.