Special note to CT, NJ and PA basic cable Comcast subscribers

In certain viewing areas of NJ and NY (near Philadelphia for THIRTEEN; also northern NJ and in the Hudson Valley, NY for WLIW) and in Connecticut (near Hartford), Comcast basic cable has moved THIRTEEN and WLIW21 to its digital tier. Some viewers will need a special set-top converter box from Comcast in order to continue receiving THIRTEEN and WLIW21 with their cable service. Comcast will provide this box at no cost for 12 months. Please call 1-800-COMCAST for more information.

Under a national agreement ensuring that cable providers would carry all of public television’s digital channels, cable companies agreed to carry the primary public television channel of a viewing area in both digital and non-digital forms. However, cable companies insisted that secondary public television channels in these areas choose either digital or non-digital, but not both.

In your area, Comcast regards Thirteen as a secondary public television channel. That is why Thirteen is being offered to you only with digital service.

As a result, viewers who do not subscribe to Comcast digital cable service must now have a special set-top box in order to view Thirteen on cable. Please be aware, however, that Comcast will provide this box to you at no cost for 12 months. (Note that this set-top box is different than the converter box that some over-the-air customers are using to receive DTV signals. You must get it directly from Comcast. It is not available in stores.)

For more information, please contact 1-800-COMCAST.