Ireland’s War of Independence Revisited in The Brigade

March 23, 2022


The Brigade airs Wednesday, March 23 and March 20 at 10 p.m. on WLIW. See more dates.

More than a century ago, Ireland fought its War of Independence against the British. In this living history series produced by Network Ireland Television and distributed by American Public Television, 12 Irish men transcend time, living and drilling as commander Tom Barry and the 3rd West Cork Flying Column did during the war. The men, mostly in their late teens and early 20s, are thoroughly tested by ex-members of the Irish Defense forces.

Instructed in the same tactics used by the soldiers, the volunteers even sleep in the same hay barns and farms Barry and his men slept in 100 years ago.

Parallel with these historical re-enactments of both the Guerrillas and British Army maneuvers, six British students studying history at Essex University are invited to Cork to observe the effects and tactics. On their visit, they hear stories of that uncompromising war from living relatives to the old IRA flying column men.