Mary Berry Holidays in December

December 2, 2021

Mary Berry

Everyone’s favorite writer, baker and television presenter Mary Berry is back on WLIW21, exploring some of the United Kingdom’s most beloved stately homes through the prism of what she’s best known for: food.

The sumptuous four-part series Mary Berry’s Country House Secrets (Fridays at 8:45pm beginning December 3) is an exclusive invitation to great, lavish houses: Highclere Castle in Hampshire (better known as the setting of Downton Abbey), the glorious Goodwood House in Sussex, the exquisite Powderham Castle in Devon, and the regal Scone Palace in Perthshire, Scotland. Do you remember when WLIW21 viewers went on the To The Manor Born tour, including a private tour at Highclere Castle?

Mary meets with the families who own these homes and their knowledgeable, dedicated staff. While revealing life both upstairs an downstairs, Mary journeys with viewers into gardens and through kitchens and private quarters, unearthing secrets that only friends and family usually get to see. Inspired by what she discovers, Mary takes to the house kitchens to create her own scrumptious dishes that celebrate the heritage and legacy of these homes.

Come get cozy in the kitchen with Mary Berry, Fridays in December.