Monday Night Masterpiece Series

June 1, 2020

An epic costume drama set on the cusp of 19th century India. A popular mystery series with a swoon-worthy
vicar. Whether you’re tuning in, streaming, or binge-watching, the summer’s off to a sizzling,
suspenseful start!

Beecham House – Masterpiece

Mondays at 10 p.m. beginning June 15
Pack your bags for Beecham House. The lavish six-part Masterpiece miniseries transports viewers to a time before British rule in India, when the Mogul Empire was on its last legs and enormous fortunes were up for grabs. Tom Bateman, Lesley Nicol, Dakota Blue Richards, and Leo Suter star in the visually sumptuous series shot on location in India and hailed by the British press as “splendid” (The Telegraph) and “a feast for the eyes” (The Times).

The tale unfolds in 1795 as enigmatic Englishman and former East India Company soldier John Beecham arrives with
deep pockets in Delhi. He has all the appearances of a rugged individualist, but he’s determined to reunite his family and even has an infant in tow — though he is hiding the baby’s identity. He can afford an opulent palace, but what will his secrets cost him and those he loves?

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Grantchester – Masterpiece, Season 5

Mondays at 9 p.m. beginning June 15
There’s no shortage of thrills when Granchester returns for a fifth season on Masterpiece,
with crime-solving duo Reverend Will Davenport and Detective Inspector Georgie Keating. It’s 1957, and Will has settled into his role as the vicar of Grantchester. His vow of celibacy is tested when he meets journalist
Ellie Harding, and as always, he and Geordie are reminded once more that there’s darkness lurking in their little corner of Cambridgeshire.

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Behind the Scenes of Grantchester Season 5

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