Eat and Argue with Julian Phillips: A Host Who Pairs Opposites

Christina Knight | July 5, 2022

Three adults sit at table with white tablecloth and food dishes.

L to R: Democratic strategist Hank Sheinkopf, Eat & Argue host Julian Phillips and Betsy McCaughey, former Republican New York State Lt. Governor and NY Post columnist, in Eat & Argue: State of the Union.

Our new series Eat & Argue combines the best of cooking shows with civil conversation between people who care about politics. Though they’re on opposite sides of an issue, can a good meal help settle their beef? It’s food for thought as guests “Eat & Argue” and dish out the facts!

For show host, creator and executive producer Julian Phillips, Eat & Argue is the culmination of more than three decades in journalism, production and the culinary arts. On every step of his journey as a recorder of history, Julian has been determined to provide the very best information, knowledge and truth to a public far too busy to research it thoroughly themselves. What we also love about Julian? He lives on Long Island!

Most of us have friends or family or co-workers with opposing political beliefs and we agree to not discuss those beliefs or opinions to keep the peace. On Eat & Argue, Julian brings together two opposites – often New York movers and shakers – who disagree on politics or current events, but agree to try and find some common ground. Issues are discussed in a restaurant setting with Julien acting as moderator and host while all share a meal. This new kind of “debate” show is 30 minutes in length, with conversation that is substantive and not limited to quips and sound bytes.

Eat & Argue demonstrates that people with opposing views can not only be civil towards one another, but perhaps work together in an increasingly divisive world of politics.

Episodes of Eat & Argue

Premiere: The State of the Union

Sunday, July 10 at 7:30 p.m. (See all air dates on Schedule page)

A man is seen in profile from behind talking to a woman at a restaurant dinner table.

Host Julian Phillips and Betsy McCaughey.

America has experienced what many have labeled an insurrection on January 6, 2021. We are also still in the throes of a pandemic. Turmoil beyond our shores is affecting our economy, foreign policy and world peace. How do we move forward as a nation divided? Democratic strategist Hank Sheinkopf and Betsy McCaughey, former Republican New York State Lt. Governor and NY Post columnist, tackle the tough issues with a blueprint for moving forward.

After broadcast, stream on Eat & Argue on demand on WLIW21 Specials or the PBS Video app.

A man uses his hands to make a point while at a restaurant table with another man.

Democratic strategist Hank Sheinkopf and Eat & Argue host, Julian Phillips.

About Julian Phillips

Julian Phillips is a three-time Emmy Award Winner and nine-time nominee. After years of working as a local New York reporter, anchor and talk-show host, network host and two years working for Congress as a communications director, Julian possesses a vast rolodex of politicians and newsmakers. Julian is also a celebrity chef, having had success as a restauranteur with “The Sound Bite,” a news-themed establishment with live jazz and blues in Hell’s Kitchen in Manhattan. He was featured in the show opening of The Tamron Hall Show, has appeared in cooking segments on numerous New York news programs and has won awards for his recipes, including “Best Wings in NY State,” Insider Food 2018; “Best Recipe,” Fave Foods of the Famous. As the creator of the Cajun, Southern, Italian fusion food concept, Julian has traveled as far as China to perfect his spice recipes. He is married to Grammy-nominated jazz vocalist Barbara King.