Take on Fake

March 31, 2020

Take on Fake debunks claims you’ve seen or shared online to show you how to stay informed. Host Hari Sreenivasan (PBS NewsHour Weekend) follows the Internet rabbit hole of misinformation, reading beyond a single headline to find credible sources to uncover the truth.

Episode 1: COVID-19 Fake Cures and False Diagnoses delivers timely information in under four minutes. Misinformation about COVID-19 is rampant, so are fake cures and false diagnoses. When the news – and the coronavirus – moves this fast, how can you separate fact from fiction? We look at a few popular falsehoods that persist despite being thoroughly debunked. Subscribe now on YouTube.

Take on Fake is a Public Media NJ Inc. production for WNET, whose trusted news programming includes PBS NewsHour Weekend, Amanpour and Company, Firing Line with Margaret Hoover, MetroFocus and NJTV News with Mary Alice Williams.