What Kindness Is Not

Tuesday, May 20th, 2008

Kind Leaders aren’t sissies. When we say “kind”, we do not mean to imply that some one should be a pushover or sucker. A kind leader is not a permissive person whose underlings run wild.


Kindness like many other traits, has an optimal level that makes it a virtue as opposed to a vice. Too little or too much kindness transforms it into something ugly or disdainful. Too much courage can make one foolhardy; too much pride can make one haughty and too much politeness can make one officious.


Kindness it not the same as likeability. It does not preclude a full range of expression, including at times, displeasure. Nor should it be interpreted as excessive amicability. What kindness implies is an interpersonal closeness and fondness between boss and employee, but unlike a simple friendship, it comes with a lot more baggage.