Pitney Bowes – One Big Family

Monday, July 7th, 2008

They call it the “Pitney Bowes University”. This market-leading mail-sorting company pays college tuition to its employees to help them grow and expand inside the company. There are also free online courses that every employee can take. As a result, many employees rise up through the corporate ranks. Some of PB’s engineers started as workers on its assembly lines and studied their way up to their present jobs. Managers are also often shifted to positions not related to their field of expertise to build their skills and keep them motivated and engaged.

“The education that we give our employees pays back because it improves employee loyalty, it makes them more productive and it improves their morale, and obviously overtime it improves our performance,” says PB’s Executive Chairman Michael Critelli.

Healthcare and wellness. PB has clinics at the work place to save its employees’ time and money when they need to go to the doctor. The company also promotes healthy lifestyles among its employees with premium programs for those who eat a healthy diet, don’t smoke and exercise at the company’s gym or elsewhere. After all, healthy workers perform better.

“The goal for us is to create a culture of health and what we are trying to do is having healthy, and engaged, and productive employees because in the end that’s how we are going to succeed as a company,”says Dr. Brent Pawlecki, PB’s Corporate Medical Director.

Honesty. “The philosophy of Pitney Bowes relative to the treatment of our people is we want people to feel proud to work for the company. And we also emphasize that one of our core strengths is the value of reliability, trustworthiness and honesty,” says Critelli.

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