Friday British Programming

Unwind from the week with British programming on WLIW21. Some country touring, some comedy and someone else’s work antics.

Friday Night Line-up

Penelope Keith’s Hidden Villages I & II

Fridays at 8pm

In the delightful series Penelope Keith’s Hidden Villages I & II, British actress Dame Penelope Keith (The Good Life, To The Manor Born) leads viewers on a tour of Britain’s most charming villages to discover what makes each one unique. Armed with her vintage “Batsford” travel books, Keith explores village histories, investigates how village communities have changed over time, and seeks out the quirky local traditions that continue to this day.

See how WLIW’s own To the Manor Born tour unfolded in this series of blogs and photo galleries from Summer 2018.

Keeping Up Appearances

Fridays at 9pm

Keeping Up Appearances returns to the schedule from the very beginning! When it comes to snobbery, Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced “bouquet,” thank you very much!) is in a class by herself among her frightfully common relatives. She’s so obsessed with etiquette and breeding that she makes her husband’s life a perfect misery. Award-winning actress Patricia Routledge stars in this popular British comedy.

Upstart Crow

Fridays at 9:30pm

Marking William Shakespeare’s 400th anniversary, this sitcom follows the Bard’s fictional early life. It’s 1592 and Will Shakespeare is at the beginning of his career. His early work is looked down on by the literary establishment, and he’s not taken seriously at home. And Will’s troubles don’t stop there. He’s under pressure to churn out more work, undermined by his snooty rival Robert Greene, and his badly behaved parents are living in his house. Packed with sparkling wordplay, Upstart Crow pays fitting comic tribute to the greatest writer in the history of the English language – and reveals some rather surprising stories about where his best ideas came from.

Death in Paradise: Season 7

Fridays at 3pm and 10pm

Death in Paradise Season 7: Dwayne (DANNY JOHN-JULES), JP (TOBI BAKARE), Florence (JOSEPHINE JOBERT), DI Jack Mooney (ARDAL O’HANLON) – (C) Red Planet Pictures, photo: Denis Guyenon

A champion poker player, apparently poisoned at the table in front of an astonished audience. A novelist, murdered in a plot more surprising than anything he’s ever written. These are impossible mysteries, but detective Jack Mooney needs to unpick them if he’s to impress the commissioner and make his mark on the island of Saint Marie.

New episodes roll out on Friday evening at 10pm; the daytime Friday 3pm broadcasts are repeat of the prior Friday’s episode.

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