Friday British Programming

Unwind from the week with British programming on WLIW21.

Friday Night Line-up

Downton Abbey – Masterpiece, Season 6

Fridays at 9 p.m. starting January 10

The year is 1925 in the final season of Downton Abbey. Momentous changes threaten the great house, its owners and staff, and past scandals are looming. The beloved ensemble is back for the farewell performance, closing the book on a television legend.

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To the Manor Born

Fridays at 10 p.m.; the program is pre-empted January 17, 24 and 30
As beneficiary of Grantleigh Manor, the snobbish Lady Audrey Forbes-Hamilton (Penelope Keith) becomes a happy widower upon the death of her husband. But in the face of her late husband’s creditors, bank, and the government, she can no longer afford to maintain the family’s hold on the estate. Reluctantly, she sees it auctioned to Richard De Vere (formerly Bedrich Polouvicka), a millionaire bachelor of Czechoslovakian extraction who runs a multinational grocery business. With his mother, he wastes no time in moving into the Manor. Audrey is annoyed at her new position on the estate, and she is forced to move, with butler, to the Manor lodge. DeVere represents everything Audrey regards as bad taste. Their differences of background, breeding and behavior are at once infuriating and endearing.

800 Words – Season 2

Fridays at 10 p.m., starting January 17

800 WORDS follows the widowed Sydney newspaper columnist George Turner (Erik Thompson) as he sets out to make a fresh start with his teenage children by moving to the tiny New Zealand town where he vacationed as a child. When the transition proves to be more difficult than he anticipated, George and his grieving family find themselves facing an uncertain future.

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