THE GREEK AMERICANS II: Passing the Torch explores how the modern Greek American experience has ignited a cultural identity that burns brighter than ever before.
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    Actor Melina Kanakaredes (Providence), former Massachusetts Gov. Michael Dukakis, author Nicholas Gage (Eleni), E*Trade Chairman and CEO Christos Cotsakos, Pablo Cruise musician Cory Lerios, educators, community and business leaders, entertainers, and others share their personal stories in this WLIW21 Production. Broadcast journalist Ike Pappas narrates.

    Second and third generation Greek Americans are preserving a sense of community with an industriousness and warmth that has marked the Greek American experience since the first wave of immigration. THE GREEK AMERICANS II: Passing the Torch celebrates the ways in which this group has built upon the legacy their parents and grandparents established and forged a future for Hellenism by sending their children to Greek language school, socializing at YAL and AHEPA events, and making their Greek heritage a priority and the focal point of family life. Cory Lerios of the pop group Pablo Cruise composed the original song “You are the Candle, We are the Flame” for the production and performs it on the soundtrack.

    THE GREEK AMERICANS II: Passing the Torch follows the success of 1998’s THE GREEK AMERICANS and is the tenth program in WLIW21’s series of cultural documentaries celebrating the diversity of America.

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