Judy Carmichael Looks Back on Two Decades of ‘Jazz Inspired’ with The Sag Harbor Express

East-end resident Judy Carmichael sat down recently with Michelle Trauring of The Sag Harbor Express to discuss how hosting the public radio mainstay Jazz Inspired has kept her feeling creative through the pandemic.

“After a season of revisiting her favorite episodes in 2020, she breathed new life into her longtime radio show, ‘Jazz Inspired,’ now airing on Sundays at 7 p.m. on Long Island’s only National Public Radio station, WLIW-FM 88.3 — an endeavor that has never ceased to energize and motivate Carmichael over its 21-year run, and counting.

“’When I’ve been in my darkest days of no gigs — ‘How can I keep going?’ or ’I’m uninspired’ — to have these spectacular people tell me how wonderful and important jazz is, really, is empowering,’ she said. ‘To be sitting there with Chevy Chase and have him wax rhapsodically on how beautiful and important jazz is really makes me feel like, ‘Okay, I can keep going.’”

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