Heart of the East End – March 7th, 2022

Larrin Gerard, Community Action for Social Justice

Local nurse Larrin Gerard talks about an upcoming NARCAN training session led by Community Action for Social Justice at Riverhead High School that teaches the public how to administer the nasal spray that reverses opioid overdoses to save countless lives. Those who attend the free training session will receive a kit to use as needed.

Kerriann Kelly, Monday Meditation underwritten by Monk Music Studios

Kerriann Kelly leads Suffolk County’s major crimes bureau, which was merged with the homicide bureau for the past two years. She discusses her leadership through the merger, the subsequent re-designation of separate bureaus focused on homicide and major crimes, the challenges to trying cases through the pandemic, how convictions can help families to heal and how growing up as a hopeful doctor in a law enforcement family with stronger math skills than science led Kelly down the path of healing outside of a hospital setting.

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