Heart of the East End – April 7th, 2022

Shane Weeks, Thoughtful Thursday Underwritten by Guild Hall

Author Shane Weeks comes on-air with Gianna Volpe to discuss his brand-new book “Good Neighbors: A Shinnecock History from A Shinnecock Perspective.” He covers a number of topics, including the tactics and tools used through institutionalized colonialism—Occupation of land, division and separation of peoples into groups, and the false narrative that a blood quotum is associated with tribal memberships—to systematically erase and claim extinction upon certain peoples/ways of life. He talks about remaining quite alive and well throughout native America, how the Metahuock creation stories and ways of life are emblematic of sustainabilities sorely needed in a time of climate crisis, how research led the author to uncover a native language he thought had been lost, how the Shinnecock are one of the few federally recognized tribes to have retained their aboriginal land title, why it’s insulting to native people to wear traditional adornments like headdresses, the heart-breaking idea of the “good neighbor” and more. Find Shane Weeks’ “Good neighbor: A Shinnecock History from a Shinnecock Perspective” on Shane’s website: bzihiki.com or on blurb.com.

David Nichtern, HOTsounds Underwritten by William RIS Gallery

Composer and Buddhist teacher David Nichtern comes on-air with Gianna Volpe to play two tracks from Dharma Moon Orchestra’s brand-new record Pandemoonia, which was made at Monk Music Studio. He explains how the record, an orchestral representation of pandemic life, came out “like an egg” amidst the two-year period where David, like the world at large, was at home. You can find Pandemoonia on Spotify, Apple Music and on the handy archive of today’s playlist!

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