Heart of the East End – April 12th, 2022

Anna Jurinich, Wading River artist

Anna Jurinich moved to the United States from Croatia at 11 years old and was raised by a strong mother she describes as a rock who was, in some ways, as much an enigma to her daughter as she felt she was to her mom. Her work is currently featured as one of nearly 200 flags displayed at Rockefeller Center rink through a United Nations Environmental Programme and Climate Museum competition and will be found at two upcoming gallery shows locally at the WIlliam RIS Gallery in Jamesport, including the Heart & Souls Ukraine benefit on April 30.

George Giannaris, Tasty Tuesday Underwritten by Southampton Arts Center

The chef/owner of Hellenic Snack Bar in East Marion understands the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine from the perspective of a man who very nearly didn’t exist. When Germany occupied Greece during World War II, Chef Giannaris’ grandmother nearly terminated her pregnancy with his father due to her dire economic circumstances. The local restaurateur didn’t allow what he calls “criticism of fools” to deter him from raising funds through Rotary International to help ease the pain of those suffering through a humanitarian crisis that will extend decades past the conflict itself. Hellenic Bar’s efforts raised roughly $18,000 for Ukraine’s citizens via rotary.org

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