Heart of the East End – April 25th, 2022

Dr. Adrienne Haughton, Stony Brook Medicine

Dr. Haughton joins Gianna Volpe for the Medical Monday segment to discuss both Alopecia & protection from the sun. She said using SPF 30 sunscreen 365 days a year, as well as avoiding indoor tanning booths, helps prevent skin cancer, adding those who use indoor tanning beds as teenagers are at a much higher risk for developing skin cancer in their twenties or later in life.

Clayton Orehek, Monday Meditation Underwritten by Monk Music Studios

Clayton’s custom-made neon lights are currently being displayed at two East End Arts spaces across Main Street in Downtown Riverhead alongside his Uncle Don’s illustrations. The illustrations have been featured in major magazines, including Playboy and Cosmopolitan, throughout his career. Clayton will give an art talk between 7 and 9 p.m. at 133 East Main Street tomorrow night. Visit eastendarts.org for more information.

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