Claes Brondal

Claes Brondal was born in Copenhagen, Denmark and has been playing drums since the age of 8. He’s been studying with drumming greats such as Ed Thigpen, Niels Ratzer, Jonas Johansen, Lennart Gruvstedt, Marcello Salazar, Kenwood Dennard, John Amira, Dom Famularo and Gary Chaffee. Claes is versatile in many styles of music – especially enjoying Big Band, Funk, Soul, Jazz, Afro/Cuban and Brazilian. His “just say yes” approach landed him with many groups in the US and Europe ranging from Rock and Jazz to Turkish and Latin. Professional credits includes recording sessions and live performances with musicians such as Tomas Frank, Poul Reimann, Bob Hovey, Misha Sakharov, James Genus, David Sanchez, Bobby Brennan, Essiet Essiet, Hector Martignon, Morris Goldberg, Kevin Kuhn, Ada Rovatti, Jim Campagnola, Randy Brecker, Ray Anderson, Lew Soloff and Hector Martignon. His most recent recordings are with Jazz/Fusion quartet LUMA, Off The Clock from HEAR Music and The Jam Session 'Live On Thursday Nights.'