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‘Lady And The Dale,’ A 4-Part Series About A 3-Wheeled Car, Is A Wild Ride
David Bianculli | January 27, 2021
The Lady and the Dale tells the true story of Elizabeth Carmichael, an automobile executive who introduced a bold new three-wheel car in the 1970s.Courtesy of HBO The Lady and the Dale, a new HBO documentary miniseries co-directed by Nick Cammilleri and Zackary Drucker, has been promoted by the network ...
He Saved 669 Children From Nazis — A New Book Tells His Story To Kids
Elizabeth Blair | January 27, 2021
Vera Gissing, shown above at age 6, was one of 669 children from Prague whom Nicholas Winton helped save in the lead-up to World War II.Courtesy of family of Vera Gissing How old should kids be when they start learning about the Holocaust? While many educators believe the appropriate age ...
‘Resident Alien’: The Truth Is Way, Way Out There
Glen Weldon | January 27, 2021
Alan Tudyk plays an alien who's not comfortable in his (human) skin in SYFY's Resident Alien.James Dittinger | SYFY Things Resident Alien has in common with previous television series like My Favorite Martian, Mork & Mindy, ALF and 3rd Rock from the Sun: 1. Main Character: An alien (or aliens). ...
A Writer Lost His Singing Voice, Then Discovered The ‘Gymnastics’ Of Speech
Dave Davies | January 26, 2021
loops7 | Getty Images Most of us take our voices for granted, but New Yorker writer John Colapinto got a scare several years ago when his failed him. After working every day, mostly in silence, he damaged his vocal cords while singing with a rock band in the evenings after ...
Charles Blow’s ‘The Devil You Know’ Is A Black Power Manifesto For Our Time
Hope Wabuke | January 26, 2021
The Devil You Know: A Black Power Manifesto by Charles M. BlowHarper Some time into his new book The Devil You Know: A Black Power Manifesto, Charles Blow recalls hearing Harry Belafonte give a speech. The subject was Belafonte's bailout of some student members of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee ...
13,150,080 Minutes: It’s Been 25 Years Since The First Performance Of ‘Rent’
Jeff Lunden | January 25, 2021
Daphne Rubin-Vega played Mimi in Rent. "It was a lot of fun to actually be able to practically apply my research of partying ..." she says. "I knew these people. I knew this world." She's pictured above with Adam Pascal in New York Theatre Workshop's 1996 production of Rent.Joan Marcus ...
‘Just As I Am’: Cicely Tyson Reflects On Her Long Career
Michel Martin | January 24, 2021
Cicely Tyson says her mother did not want her to be an actress. "But in my gut, I knew there was something there that I was put here to do," Tyson says.Cooper Neill | Getty Images for MegaFest 2017 During a career spanning more than six decades, Cicely Tyson has ...
Learning To Love Bird Photography, Thanks To A ‘Competitive Collaboration’
Gemina Garland-Lewis | January 24, 2021
A male vermillion flycatcher perches atop an open branch on one of the many charred mesquites on our land, La Isla.Gemina Garland-Lewis Photographer and explorer, Gemina Garland-Lewis has always been drawn to nature and wildlife. Garland-Lewis takes us through her journey of growing to love bird photography alongside her partner ...