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Daily ‘breath training’ can work as well as medicine to reduce high blood pressure
Allison Aubrey | September 20, 2022
Simply improving our breathing can significantly lower high blood pressure at any age. Recent research finds that just five to 10 minutes daily of exercises that strengthen the diaphragm and certain other muscles does the trick. SciePro/Getty Images/Max Posner/NPR It's well known that weightlifting can strengthen our biceps and quads. ...
How Biden’s declaring the pandemic ‘over’ complicates efforts to fight COVID
Becky Sullivan, Rob Stein | September 20, 2022
A pharmacist administers the newest COVID-19 vaccine during a clinic for seniors at the Southwest Senior Center earlier this month in Chicago. E. Jason Wambsgans/Chicago Tribune/Tribune News Service via Getty Images President Biden's declaration that "the pandemic is over" could complicate the administration's effort to battle COVID-19, public health experts ...
J&J tried to block lawsuits from 40,000 cancer patients. A court wants answers
Brian Mann | September 19, 2022
A bottle of Johnson & Johnson baby powder is displayed on a table. J&J pulled its iconic Johnson's baby powder off the shelves in the U.S. in 2020. Justin Sullivan | Getty Images An attorney for Johnson and Johnson faced probing questions Monday over the corporation's use of a controversial ...
Musicians are back on the road, but every day is a gamble
Nastia Voynovskaya | September 19, 2022
The Oakland artist Spellling is one of countless musicians this year to have tours disrupted by a band member catching COVID-19, with costly and draining consequences. Illustration by Jackie Lay/Photo by Sharon Lopez | NPR/Courtesy of the artist Last year was a career-defining one for Tia Cabral, the experimental singer-songwriter ...
PHOTOS: The moms (and dads) of Ivory Coast are falling in love with kangaroo care
Andrew Caballero-Reynolds | September 18, 2022
New father Yappe Pako gets help with his kangaroo care carrier from midwife Marie-Josée Miezan. His newborn son is named Ambo Crisostome. They're in the kangaroo care ward at the University Hospital Medical Center at Treichville in the Ivory Coast. A new program teaches the technique to moms — and ...
The number of hungry people has doubled in 10 countries. A new report explains why
Andrew Connelly | September 16, 2022
Children reach for food handouts in the aftermath of the catastrophic flooding in Pakistan, which has destroyed rice, corn and wheat crops and left over a third of the country under water. Daniel Berehulak | Getty Images Climate change and extreme weather events are fueling hunger, conflict and inequality at ...
What are your chances of catching monkeypox?
Max Barnhart, Michaeleen Doucleff | September 16, 2022
What are your chances of catching monkeypox? It's a question that many people are asking. Loading... A global outbreak of this infectious disease began in May of this year and has spread to 50 countries – along with some inflammatory headlines and misinformation. While previous cases of monkeypox were typically ...