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After 50 Years, U.S. Opens The Door To More Cannabis Crops For Scientists
Will Stone | May 30, 2021
More than 30 states have medical marijuana programs — yet scientists are only allowed to use cannabis plants from one U.S. source for their research. That's set to change, as the federal government begins to add more growers to the mix.Drew Angerer | Getty Images After more than 50 years, ...
Many Scientists Still Think The Coronavirus Came From Nature
Geoff Brumfiel | May 28, 2021
President Biden directed the intelligence agencies to look for evidence of an accident at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (pictured). Many scientists still think its more likely the virus came form the wild.Hector Retamal | AFP via Getty Images This week, President Biden directed his intelligence agencies to take another ...
Kids In India Are Asking Heartbreaking COVID-19 Questions. Here’s How To Answer Them
Sushmita Pathak | May 28, 2021
As India suffers through a devastating coronavirus surge, children are asking difficult questions.greenaperture | Getty Images Each week, we answer frequently asked questions about life during the coronavirus crisis. This week, we look at some of the questions being posed by children in India, which is in the midst of ...
Employers Can (Mostly) Require Vaccines For Workers Returning To The Office
Jaclyn Diaz | May 28, 2021
Employers are grappling with the question of whether they should require workers to get a COVID-19 vaccine to return to work.Mary Altaffer | AP With more than half of adult Americans now fully vaccinated against COVID-19, many employers have started laying the groundwork to get back to the office. Returning ...
Trying To Avoid Racist Health Care, Black Women Seek Out Black Obstetricians
Verónica Zaragovia | May 28, 2021
Dr. Michelle Wilson just graduated from the Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine at Florida Atlantic University. She will continue her training with a residency in family medicine at Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital in Albany, Ga.Verónica Zaragovia | WLRN In South Florida, when people want to find a doctor who's ...
A Vaccine Patch Could Someday Be An Ouchless Option
Joe Palca | May 27, 2021
Mark Prausnitz, Georgia Tech Regents' professor in the School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, holds a vaccine patch containing microneedles that dissolve into the skin.Christopher Moore | Georgia Tech It's the rare individual who actually looks forward to getting jabbed with a needle, even if what's in the needle can ...
CDC Move To Limit Investigations Into COVID Breakthrough Infections Sparks Concerns
Rob Stein | May 27, 2021
The vaccines for COVID-19 are highly effective, but people can get infected in what appear to be extremely rare cases. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has decided only to investigate the cases that result in hospitalization or death.Image Point FR/NIH/NIAID/BSIP/Universal Images Group via Getty Images Updated June 2, ...
A $10,322 Tab For A Sleep Apnea Study Is Enough To Wreck One Patient’s Rest
Michelle Andrews | May 27, 2021
Truck driver José Mendoza has a Humana HMO plan through his employer. It has a $5,000 deductible and 50% coinsurance, leaving him financially vulnerable.Bryan Cereijo for KHN José Mendoza's snoring was bad — but the silence when he stopped breathing was even worse for his wife, Nancy. The sudden quiet ...
Controversial New Guidelines Would Allow Experiments On More Mature Human Embryos
Rob Stein | May 26, 2021
New guidance would ease restrictions on researching embryos in the lab.BSIP/Science Source For decades, scientists have been prohibited from keeping human embryos alive in their labs for more than 14 days. The prohibition was aimed at avoiding a thicket of ethical issues that would be raised by doing experiments on ...
How A Hospital And A School District Teamed Up To Help Kids In Emotional Crisis
Rhitu Chatterjee, Christine Herman | May 26, 2021
A hospital administrator, Gina-Marie Bounds (left), and an assistant superintendent, Noreen Leahy, built a partnership between schools and the local hospital. The goal: to quickly and easily connect students in emotional crisis to mental health care.Heather Walsh for NPR Updated June 11, 2021 at 11:30 PM ET In 2019, the ...