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MetroFocus: September 16, 2021
MetroFocus | September 16, 2021
Tonight, a sneak peak at the upcoming four-part PBS documentary series on the life of the man many regard as the most significant athlete of the 20th century, three-time boxing heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali. Ken Burns and Rasheda Ali, Muhammad Ali’s daughter and a collaborator on the film join us ...
MetroFocus: September 15, 2021
MetroFocus | September 15, 2021
In The Killing of Kenneth Chamberlain, executive producer and actor Morgan Freeman exposes the excessive and brutal force too often executed by the police in their response to emergency calls and non-threatening situations. Tonight, Morgan Freeman, along with activist, Kenneth Chamberlain Jr., join us with the inside story of one ...
MetroFocus | September 15, 2021
In The Killing of Kenneth Chamberlain, the film follows the 2011 fatal shooting of a 68-year-old African American military veteran, Kenneth Chamberlain by police in White Plains, NY. Tonight, the star of the film, Frankie Falson, along with activist Kenneth Chamberlain Jr., join us with the inside story of one ...
MetroFocus: September 14, 2021
MetroFocus | September 14, 2021
Veteran New York City writer and editor Seth Barron joins us tonight with his new book "The Last Days of New York, A Reporter's True Tale."
George Hirsch Lifestyle Radio, a New Weekly Public Radio Program and Podcast Exploring Lifestyle Topics, Premieres September 19 on WLIW-FM
Delaney Hafener | September 14, 2021 | George Hirsch Lifestyle Radio
WLIW-FM, Long Island’s only NPR station, has announced the addition of George Hirsch Lifestyle Radio to its program schedule. The new one-hour, weekly public radio program featuring informative and entertaining conversations about food and lifestyle, premieres Sunday, September 19 at 4 p.m. on 88.3 WLIW-FM and Hosted by TV ...
MetroFocus: September 13, 2021
MetroFocus | September 13, 2021
Tonight our Front page forecast panel features Rutgers University professor of political science and author of “American Cicero: Mario Cuomo and the Defense of American Liberalism” Saladin Ambar, Conservative Color Coalition chair Joseph Pinion and City Limits executive editor Jeanmarie Evelly with the latest headlines across the tristate and the ...
9/11 20th Anniversary: Former NYC Police Commissioner on security post 9/11
Delaney Hafener | September 10, 2021
With the 20th anniversary of 9/11 upon us, WLIW-FM’s Michael Mackey spoke to the man known as “America’s Police Commissioner” - Bill Bratton - the only person to have led police departments in the two largest U.S. cities- Los Angeles and New York City. Bratton discusses security post 9/11 and ...
MetroFocus: September 9, 2021
MetroFocus | September 9, 2021
Comedian Jon Stewart has fought to ensure 9/11 first responders are never forgotten. The former Daily Show host rallied support for legislation now helping thousands who got sick. He would be the first to tell you this wouldn’t have happened without John Feal, who joins us tonight. The 9/11 responder ...
MetroFocus: September 7, 2021
MetroFocus | September 7, 2021
From the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq to the January 6th insurrection, America After 9/11 exposes the legacy of 9/11 and the ongoing challenge it poses for the president and the country. Director and producer Michael Kirk joins us.