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MetroFocus | July 8, 2021
Before Hamilton, there was "In The Heights", Lin-Manuel Miranda's love letter to Washington Heights- the neighborhood where he grew up. The project, which began as a college assignment, became a Broadway sensation and has now hit the big screen across the country. The film has received enthusiastic praise and created ...
WLIW-FM Adds Four New Programs Beginning July 10
Delaney Hafener | July 7, 2021
WLIW-FM, Long Island’s only NPR station, has announced the addition of another day of the Afternoon Ramble with Brian Cosgrove, ALL ARTS Radio Hour, Latino USA and Asian View to its program schedule beginning July 10. Native Long Islander Brian Cosgrove adds a live Saturday edition of his popular The ...
MetroFocus: July 7, 2021
MetroFocus | July 7, 2021
Election officials have released a new tally of results that could shed more light on who will ultimately become the next mayor of New York City. City Limits Executive Editor Jeanmarie Evelly joins Rutgers University Associate Professor of Political Science Dr. Saladin Ambar and Conservative Coalition Chair Joseph Pinion to ...
MetroFocus: July 5, 2021
MetroFocus | July 5, 2021
Tonight, "The Neutral Ground" creators- Director CJ Hunt and executive producer Roy Wood Jr. attempt to get to the heart of why there are such differing views on the legacy of slavery and the civil war.
MetroFocus: July 1, 2021
MetroFocus | July 1, 2021
The Board of Elections revised vote count shows Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams has a slim lead in the New York City mayoral primary over former Sanitation Commissioner Kathryn Garcia. But this race is still wide open. Former NYC Board of Elections President JC Polanco and Gotham Gazette Executive Editor ...
MetroFocus: June 30, 2021
MetroFocus | June 30, 2021
After the first round of NYC Primary results were released, confusion reigns and the Mayoral race is in disarray after the Board of Elections withdraws results due to a bungle in which thousands of test ballots were included in the count. Former NYC Board of Elections President JC Polanco gives ...
MetroFocus: June 29, 2021
MetroFocus | June 29, 2021
As of mid-June, New York City reported over 700 shooting victims, the most since 2002. Now City Council Member Vanessa Gibson is taking action by teaming up with affected communities. Tonight she joins us along with Eve Hendricks and Linda Kemp, who both lost a son and grandson to the ...
MetroFocus: June 28, 2021
MetroFocus | June 28, 2021
Our Frontpage Forecast panelists JC Polanco, former President of the New York City Board of Elections, Kirk Burkhakter, Director of the 21st Century Policing Project and Na’Ilah Amaru, Democratic Political Strategist react to the Judge’s sentencing in the case against Derek Chauvin as well as other late breaking headlines from ...
MetroFocus | June 24, 2021
Judge Peter Cahill could sentence Derek Chauvin to as little as probation, an outcome requested by his attorney, or to more than the 30-year punishment favored by prosecutors. Professor Gloria Browne-Marshall joins us tonight to discuss the sentencing.
MetroFocus: June 24, 2021
MetroFocus | June 24, 2021
Professor Gloria Browne-Marshall joins us tonight to discuss the Derek Chauvin sentencing and the impact it'll have on a justice system that was born in slavery and racial injustice. Also, Ally Hilfiger, shares a cautionary tale of how a single tick-bite she suffered as a child gave her Lyme disease, ...