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MetroFocus: June 28, 2021
MetroFocus | June 28, 2021
Our Frontpage Forecast panelists JC Polanco, former President of the New York City Board of Elections, Kirk Burkhakter, Director of the 21st Century Policing Project and Na’Ilah Amaru, Democratic Political Strategist react to the Judge’s sentencing in the case against Derek Chauvin as well as other late breaking headlines from ...
MetroFocus | June 24, 2021
Judge Peter Cahill could sentence Derek Chauvin to as little as probation, an outcome requested by his attorney, or to more than the 30-year punishment favored by prosecutors. Professor Gloria Browne-Marshall joins us tonight to discuss the sentencing.
MetroFocus: June 24, 2021
MetroFocus | June 24, 2021
Professor Gloria Browne-Marshall joins us tonight to discuss the Derek Chauvin sentencing and the impact it'll have on a justice system that was born in slavery and racial injustice. Also, Ally Hilfiger, shares a cautionary tale of how a single tick-bite she suffered as a child gave her Lyme disease, ...
Thiele Proposal For Hamptons Could Generate Money For Affordable Housing Fund
Delaney Hafener, J.D. Allen | June 24, 2021
The Hamptons could start generating money to fund more affordable housing in eastern Long Island by 2023. WSHU’s J.D. Allen reports the pandemic has intensified the shortage of rentals and year-round homes. The Community Housing Fund would help first-time home-buyers receive financial assistance and housing counseling. It would also help ...
MetroFocus: June 23, 2021
MetroFocus | June 23, 2021
We welcome back three political experts and friends of Metrofocus to break down the NYC primary election- Host of FAQNYC and What’s In It For Us podcast Dr. Christina Greer, Former President of the NYC Board of Elections, JC Polanco and Gotham Gazette executive editor Ben Max.
MetroFocus: June 22, 2021
MetroFocus | June 22, 2021
Tonight, the former New York City police commissioner and author of The Profession: A Memoir Of Community, Race, And The Arc Of Policing In America, Bill Bratton joins us.
MetroFocus: June 21, 2021
MetroFocus | June 21, 2021
Tonight our Frontpage Forecast features a panel of Big Apple reporters who’ll break down the primary from the issues to candidate platforms and even how to rank choice vote. With The City reporter Rachel Holliday Smith and Gotham Gazette Senior Reporter Samar Khurshid, tonight is all about having your voice ...
MetroFocus: June 17, 2021
MetroFocus | June 17, 2021
“How different might our country look if all of us fully understood what had happened here?” On this Juneteenth weekend, that is the question author Clint Smith sets out to answer in “How the Word Is Passed: A Reckoning With the History Of Slavery Across America” through visits to nine ...
From WSHU: Top LI Electricity Executives Could Be Obligated To Publicize Salaries
J.D. Allen | June 17, 2021
Top executives who regulate and manage electricity distribution on Long Island could have to make their salaries public. WSHU’s J.D. Allen reports it’s part of a package of bills to hold Long Island Power Authority and its service provider accountable and transparent.  A months-long process is underway at LIPA to ...