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The James Webb telescope reaches its final destination in space, a million miles away
Vanessa Romo | January 24, 2022
The James Webb Space Telescope will capture pictures of the very first stars in the universe and help scientists study the atmosphere of planets orbiting stars outside our solar system to see if they might be habitable.NASA | AP The James Webb Space Telescope, the most powerful telescope ever built, ...
Simone Biles has a rival — a tiny bark beetle (but it can’t stick the landing)
Megan Lim, Christopher Intagliata, Amy Isackson | January 23, 2022 Introducing the amazing spring-loaded larva. There's a new move in gymnastics unlike any that's come before. "The thing that's amazing about this jump, it's taking off from a push-up position. It basically goes from playing dead to launching itself like Simone Biles," said Jessica O'Beirne, host of GymCastic: the ...
A prehistoric eruption has helped recalibrate our timeline of human origins in Africa
Mano Sundaresan, Patrick Jarenwattananon | January 22, 2022
The Omo-Kibish formation, near where the fossils of the oldest Homo sapiens were discovered.Céline Vidal In the late 1960s, archaeologists discovered a set of familiar bones in Ethiopia: a skull bone, a lower jaw, and parts of a torso. This collection is known as Omo 1, and at 200,000 years ...
Even babies and toddlers know that swapping saliva is a sure sign of love
Nell Greenfieldboyce | January 20, 2022
This stock image shows a baby and father playing at home. New research finds that babies judge the relationship between two people by whether or not they willingly share saliva.freemixer | Getty Images Even before they can talk, young babies know that two people must have a close relationship if ...
To get by in a changing climate, plants need animal poop to carry them to safety
Lauren Sommer | January 18, 2022
Fruit-eating animals spread the seeds of plants in ecosystems around the world. Their decline means plants could have a harder time finding new habitats as the climate changes.Karl-Josef Hildenbrand | DPA/AFP via Getty Images Evan Fricke knows exactly how long it takes, after a bird on the island of Saipan ...
The U.S. is divided over whether nuclear power is part of the green energy future
The Associated Press | January 18, 2022
PROVIDENCE, R.I. — As climate change pushes states in the U.S. to dramatically cut their use of fossil fuels, many are coming to the conclusion that solar, wind and other renewable power sources might not be enough to keep the lights on. Nuclear power is emerging as an answer to ...
The bald eagle population slowly recovers, but lead ammo hampers their resilience
Rina Torchinsky | January 14, 2022
A bald eagle takes flight from a sandbar with its meal in its talons off of Brunswick, Maine, along the New Meadows River, on Aug. 22, 2011.Pat Wellenbach | AP The bald eagle population has slowly recovered from the impact of a pesticide that nearly drove them to extinction decades ...
Scientists think they’ve found a big, weird moon in a far-off star system
Nell Greenfieldboyce | January 13, 2022
A lunar eclipse viewed from California's Trona Pinnacles Desert National Conservation Area. Scientists believe there may be more moons in the galaxy than planets.NASA/Lauren Hughes | NASA/Lauren Hughes The hunt for moons outside our solar system has just turned up another possible lunar world, a moon bigger than Earth that's ...
In Orlando, a mountain of coal ash evades EPA rules. It’s not the only one.
James Bruggers, Amy Green | January 12, 2022
The cooling towers at the Stanton Energy Center, a coal-fired power plant, are seen behind a home in Orlando.Paul Hennessy | SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Tucked among scattered pine and cypress trees near Orlando, Fla., a 175-foot-tall mountain of coal ash looms as a stark representation of this booming region's ...
Who gets to use NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope? Astronomers work to fight bias
Nell Greenfieldboyce | January 11, 2022
A crowd gathers as Nobel laureate John Mather and Northrop Grumman engineer Scott Willoughby speak in front of a model of NASA's James Webb Space Telescope at South by Southwest on March 9, 2013.Alex Evers The scientists who eventually get to peer out at the universe with NASA's powerful new ...