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A mummified baby mammoth was found in Canada with intact hair, skin and tusks
Juliana Kim | June 30, 2022
A woolly mammoth calf, believed to be female, was found in Canada's Yukon territory buried in ancestral land of the Trʼondëk Hwëchʼin, whose elders named her Nun cho ga, which means "big baby animal" in the Hän language. Government of Yukon It was an astonishing sight. Despite being buried for ...
Supreme Court restricts the EPA’s authority to mandate carbon emissions reductions
Nina Totenberg | June 30, 2022
The U.S. Supreme Court curbed the EPA's ability to fight climate change. Al Drago | Getty Images Updated June 30, 2022 at 10:30 AM ET The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday dealt a major blow to the Environmental Protection Agency's power to regulate carbon emissions that cause climate change. The ...
Tokyo warned of power crunch as Japan endures heat wave
The Associated Press | June 27, 2022
People, some of them holding parasols, cross an intersection amid heat, in Tokyo, Monday, June 27, 2022. Yusuke Ogata | AP TOKYO — The Japanese government warned of possible power shortages Monday in the Tokyo region, asking people to conserve energy as the country endures an unusually intense heat wave. ...
Think all bacteria are microscopic? Tell that to these centimeter-long monsters
Nell Greenfieldboyce | June 23, 2022
The bacteria, shown here next to a dime, are close to the size of human eyelashes. Tomas Tyml | The Regents of the University of California, LBNL Bacteria typically live out their teeny-tiny lives in the microscopic realm, but now scientists have found a gargantuan one the size and shape ...
How ‘superworms’ could help solve the trash crisis
Olivia Hampton | June 23, 2022
Scientists hope the larvae of the darkling beetle — nicknamed "superworms" — might solve the world's trash crisis thanks to their uncanny ability to eat polystyrene. The University of Queensland Updated June 23, 2022 at 9:14 PM ET A bunch of small but hungry bugs might hold the key to ...
PFAS ‘forever chemicals’ are everywhere. Here’s what you should know about them
Erika Ryan, Mary Louise Kelly, Patrick Jarenwattananon | June 22, 2022
There are a number of initiatives in the works to address PFAS in drinking water. ANNE-CHRISTINE POUJOULAT | AFP via Getty Images Updated June 23, 2022 at 12:27 PM ET Last week, the Environmental Protection Agency [EPA] put out a new advisory warning that even tiny amounts of some of ...
If you can’t get in to Yellowstone, here are some ways to salvage your trip
Dustin Jones | June 21, 2022
Bison graze at Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming in 2019. Grand Teton National Park is located near Yellowstone and remains fully open as an alternate travel destination while Yellowstone works to recover from flooding. Daniel Slim | AFP via Getty Images Many potential vacationers to Yellowstone National Park are ...
A New Mexico firewatcher describes watching his world burn
Raquel Maria Dillon, Steve Inskeep | June 20, 2022
A plume of smoke rises from the Black Fire above the Gila Wilderness in southwest New Mexico on June 4. Philip Connors | Philip Connors Updated June 22, 2022 at 7:08 AM ET When a wildfire forced Philip Connors to evacuate in a hurry a few weeks ago, he wasn't ...