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The Nobel Prize in physics honors work on climate change and complex systems
Geoff Brumfiel | October 5, 2021
Syukuro Manabe and Klaus Hasselmann shared half of this year's Nobel Prize, and Giorgio Parisi was awarded the other half.Fernando Vergara | AP The Nobel Prize in physics was awarded this year for work on finding order in chaos — some made by humans and some found in nature. Half ...
The California oil pipeline spill could endanger sea life for years, experts say
Joe Hernandez, Jonathan Franklin | October 5, 2021
A bird balances on a temporary floating barrier used to contain oil that seeped into Talbert Marsh, home to about 90 bird species, after a 126,000-gallon oil spill off the coast of Huntington Beach, Calif., over the weekend.Mario Tama | Getty Images Updated October 5, 2021 at 7:15 PM ET ...
Shadowed by controversy, NASA won’t rename its new space telescope
Nell Greenfieldboyce | September 30, 2021
NASA's new telescope bears the name of James Webb (center), an influential figure who was appointed by President John F. Kennedy to lead the space agency during the '60s. But some astronomers say discrimination against gay and lesbian government employees during his tenure should preclude him from having a telescope ...
New Study Finds More Than A Third Of COVID-19 Patients Have Symptoms Months Later
Scott Neuman | September 29, 2021
Long COVID patient Gary Miller receives treatment from physiotherapist Joan Del Arco at the Long COVID Clinic at King George Hospital in Ilford, London, in May.Kirsty Wigglesworth | AP Symptoms of COVID-19 persist or recur months after diagnosis for more than a third of all people who get the illness, ...
‘Fireball’ Meteor Caught On Camera Soaring Over North Carolina At 32,000 MPH
Jonathan Franklin | September 27, 2021
A screen grab from Brandon Warren's video of a fireball meteor taken on Sept. 24 at 7:40 p.m. in Willow Spring, N.C.Brandon Warren It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a ... fireball? A video newly released by the American Meteor Society shows a fireball moving across the sky above ...
Ancient Footprints Suggest Humans Lived In The Americas Earlier Than Once Thought
Scott Neuman | September 24, 2021
Fossilized human footprints shown at the White Sands National Park in New Mexico. According to a report published in the journal Science, the impressions indicate that early humans were walking across North America around 23,000 years ago.National Park Service via AP The question of when humans first migrated to North ...
NASA’s Got A New, Big Telescope. It Could Find Hints Of Life On Far-Flung Planets
Nell Greenfieldboyce | September 23, 2021
A high-tech, five-layer sunshield helps the telescope stay at negative 370 degrees Fahrenheit, so it can detect heat signals from very distant objects.Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems In December, NASA will launch the most powerful telescope ever put into space. The James Webb Space Telescope will be able to study planets ...
Boris Johnson Urges World Leaders To Act With Renewed Urgency On Climate Change
Scott Neuman | September 23, 2021
U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson addresses the U.N. General Assembly in New York on Wednesday.Michael Nagle | Bloomberg via Getty Images It's time for the global community to "grow up" and deal with the climate change crisis, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson told United Nations representatives, urging nations to "listen ...
Birds Thrived Where Humans Feared To Tread During The Pandemic, Scientists Say
Scott Neuman | September 22, 2021
A bald eagle perches on a tree at Sunset Park in Rock Island, Ill., in March. A new study says that many species of birds increasingly moved into urban areas as human activity waned during the pandemic.Joel Lerner | Xinhua News Agency/Getty Images "Anthropause" is a word scientists have coined ...