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Puerto Rico has lost more than power. The vast majority of people have no clean water
Vanessa Romo | September 20, 2022
Hurricane Fiona, which made landfall on Sunday, has damaged reservoirs and water filtration plants. Puerto Rico's only water agency is scrambling to restore services, but officials say they're waiting for flooded rivers to subside. Alejandro Granadillo | AP The vast majority of Puerto Rican homes have been plunged into darkness ...
Climate change likely helped cause deadly Pakistan floods, scientists find
Rebecca Hersher | September 19, 2022
People wait in line for food in Sindh province, Pakistan, on Sept. 19, 2022. The province was one of the hardest hit by recent deadly floods. A new analysis confirms that climate change likely helped cause the disaster. Pervez Masih | AP It is likely that climate change helped drive ...
This map can tell you when fall foliage is peaking in 2022
Bill Chappell | September 14, 2022
Fall's dazzling colors will soon transform woods and forests around the U.S., delighting spectators — if they can figure out when to see the fall foliage at the peak of their transformation. A map of foliage patterns is here to help, offering a best-guess guide to when aspen, birch, larch ...
Why heat wave warnings are falling short in the U.S.
Lauren Sommer | September 13, 2022
In 1995, a heat wave in Chicago required morgue technicians use to rows of refrigerated trucks, after 1,000 people died the broader region. High humidity made the heat deceptively dangerous. Mike Fisher | AP In July 1995, weather reports in Chicago started warning residents about an incoming heat wave. It ...
Humans must limit warming to avoid climate tipping points, new study finds
Rebecca Hersher | September 8, 2022
Flooding in Ocean City, N.J. in October 2020. Thousands of coastal cities around the world are already dealing with rising sea levels, and face catastrophic sea level rise if global warming triggers runaway ice melt. Wayne Parry | AP Humans must limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius to avoid ...
A newly discovered planet 40% larger than Earth may be suitable for life
Dustin Jones | September 7, 2022
The telescopes of the SPECULOOS Southern Observatory in the Atacama Desert, Chile. The telescopes were used to confirm and characterize a new planet discovered by NASA, which led to the discovery of another nearby planet. ESO/P.Holárek An international team of scientists says it has discovered two new "super-Earth" type planets ...
West Virginians divided over natural gas pipeline despite Manchin’s support
Laura Benshoff | September 6, 2022
Pipes that have been sitting for four years on the property of impacted landowner Maury Johnson, in Greenville, W.Va., on Thursday, Sept. 1, 2022. Carlos Bernate for NPR Updated September 7, 2022 at 5:23 PM ET GREENVILLE, W.Va. — The Mountain Valley Pipeline exists as a 303-mile-long chain with hundreds ...
Droughts are hitting cattle ranchers hard – and that could make beef more expensive
Scott Horsley | September 1, 2022
Cattle graze amid drought conditions near Ojai, Calif., on June 21. Drought in parts of the country have forced some ranchers to slaughter their cattle early, leading to a drop in beef prices that will only be temporary. Mario Tama | Getty Images Supermarket shoppers are seeing something unusual these ...