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How young people are taking action against climate change
Ashanti Fortson, LA Johnson | April 22, 2022
This comic, illustrated by Ashanti Fortson, is inspired by an interview with climate activist Xiye Bastida from TED Radio Hour's episode Climate Mindset. Ashanti Fortson for NPR Ashanti Fortson for NPR About Xiye Bastida Xiye Bastida is a climate justice activist based in New York City, and one of the ...
To fight climate change, and now Russia, too, Zurich turns off natural gas
Dan Charles | April 20, 2022
The city of Zurich is shutting down the gas supply to some neighborhoods. Originally aimed at fighting climate change and saving money, it's also a step to cut gas imports from Russia. Edwin Remsburg | VW Pics via Getty Images European officials are debating whether they can stop buying natural ...
Climate change fueled extreme rainfall during the record 2020 hurricane season
Rina Torchinsky | April 19, 2022
Philadelphia firefighters walk through a flooded neighborhood on Aug. 4, 2020, after Tropical Storm Isaias moved through. Matt Slocum | AP Human-induced climate change fueled one of the most active North Atlantic hurricane seasons on record in 2020, according to a study published in the journal Nature. The study analyzed ...
NASA advisers call for a visit to Uranus, plus more science during moon landings
Nell Greenfieldboyce | April 19, 2022
A probe that will land on Saturn's moon Enceladus, seen here in false color, is one of the priorities outlined in the new report. NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute A robotic mission to orbit Uranus. A probe that can land on a potentially life-supporting moon of Saturn. And a better plan for ...
Green infrastructure helps cities with climate change. So why isn’t there more of it?
Lauren Sommer | April 15, 2022
Climate change has already made storms more intense, flooding cities with more rainfall than they were built to handle. Josh Edelson | AP Federal agencies are beginning to hand out billions of dollars in infrastructure spending, the largest investment ever made in the country's water system. Much of it will ...
Bald eagles around the U.S. are contracting the bird flu
Rina Torchinsky | April 14, 2022
This Jan. 5, 2020, photo shows a bald eagle in Philadelphia. Chris Szagola | AP As the avian flu rips through the United States, birds across the country are contracting the fatal disease, including bald eagles. At least three bald eagles who contracted bird flu are dead, Georgia's Department of ...
After a rough year, new wildfire warnings have Boulder, Colo., on edge
Kirk Siegler | April 14, 2022
More than 3 months after the Marshall Fire, clean up is only beginning near Louisville, Colo. Kirk Siegler | NPR Fanned by 100 mile an hour winds in the dead of winter, the Marshall Fire raced into the suburbs east of Boulder last December. It burned from home to home, ...
2 new omicron variants are spreading in N.Y. and elsewhere. Here’s what we know
Michaeleen Doucleff | April 14, 2022
A case of COVID-19 brought 12-year-old Harry Nelson to the emergency room in Syracuse, N.Y., where cases are surging, His mother, photographer Paula Nelson, says he first had mild symptoms — just a headache — but later ran a high fever and began vomiting, which meant he couldn't keep down ...
A worrisome new bird flu is spreading in American birds and may be here to stay
Nell Greenfieldboyce | April 9, 2022
Waterfowl and the raptors that dine on them, like this bald eagle and snow goose, have both been killed by the new bird flu virus. Jeff Goulden | Getty Images A newly arrived bird flu is sweeping through wild bird populations in the United States, and that may mean trouble ...