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Why NASA Is Blasting Water Bears And Bobtail Squid Into Space
Joe Hernandez | June 3, 2021
Scientists will study whether microgravity has an impact on the relationship between newly hatched bobtail squid and their symbiotic bacterium.Jamie S. Foster | University of Florida When SpaceX makes its 22nd resupply mission to the International Space Station on Thursday, it will be carrying two very special guest species: water ...
Why Jumping Spiders Spend All Night Hanging Out — Literally
Nell Greenfieldboyce | June 1, 2021
A jumping spider - Evarcha arcuata - literally hangs out at nighttime - but this was a surprise, even to a jumping spider researcher.Lukas Jonaitis | Getty Images/500px Jumping spiders, which use their four pairs of big eyes to spot prey so that they can pounce, can spend a lot ...
Alpha, Beta Instead Of Britain, South Africa. Why The WHO Is Renaming COVID Variants
Jason Breslow | June 1, 2021
The World Health Organization says it will start assigning new names for variants of the coronavirus based on letters from the Greek alphabet — part of an effort to help avoid stigmatization around the virus.Fabrice Coffrini | AFP via Getty Images The World Health Organization is hoping to simplify the ...
Plan For Your Great National Park Trip
Dustin Jones | May 31, 2021
Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park. Yellowstone is America's original national park and hosts more than 4 million visitors annually.NPS / David Restivo | NPS With the COVID-19 pandemic apparently coming to a close, many Americans are preparing for a no-holds-barred summer filled with many activities that the coronavirus ...
Scientists Say These Monkeys Use An ‘Accent’ To Communicate With Their Foe
Vincent Acovino | May 29, 2021
A young, red-handed tamarin monkey. Some of these monkeys are changing their vocal call to better communicate with another species of tamarin.Schellhorn/ullstein bild | Getty Images In the Brazilian Amazon, a species of monkey called the pied tamarin is fighting for survival, threatened by habitat loss and urban development. But ...
Fearing Their Kids Will Inherit Dead Coral Reefs, Scientists Are Urging Bold Action
Lauren Sommer | May 27, 2021
Scientists expect increasing marine heat waves to cause coral bleaching, which can result in reefs dying off.Kevin Lino/NOAA/NMFS/PIFSC/ESD Coral reef biologists are often asked the same question again and again: "When my kids grow up, will there still be coral reefs?" "That's a question I ask myself," says Christopher Cornwall, ...
Earth Is Barreling Toward 1.5 Degrees Celsius Of Warming, Scientists Warn
Rebecca Hersher | May 26, 2021
Firefighters battle a brush fire last week in Santa Barbara, Calif. Climate-driven droughts make large, destructive fires more likely around the world. Scientists warn that humans are on track to cause catastrophic global warming this century.Santa Barbara County, Calif., Fire Department via AP The average temperature on Earth is now ...
Biden Administration Strikes A Deal To Bring Offshore Wind To California
Lauren Sommer | May 25, 2021
The Biden administration is opening the West Coast to offshore wind. Companies have largely focused on the East Coast, such as this wind farm off Block Island, R.I.Don Emmert | AFP via Getty Images Updated May 25, 2021 at 2:56 PM ET The Biden administration plans to open the California ...
How To Watch The ‘Super Flower Blood Moon’ Lunar Eclipse This Week
Joe Hernandez | May 24, 2021
This map shows the visibility of the total lunar eclipse in the contiguous U.S. at 7:11 a.m. Eastern time this Wednesday. The total lunar eclipse will be visible everywhere in the Pacific and Mountain time zones, as well as in Texas, Oklahoma, western Kansas, Hawaii and Alaska.NASA Updated May 25, ...
Once Nearly Extinct, The Florida Panther Is Making A Comeback
Steve Newborn | May 23, 2021
A male panther leaps over a creek at Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge in southwestern Florida. The rarely seen cats, which number around 200, are reclaiming territory north of the Everglades, but encroaching suburban sprawl is threatening their habitat.Photo by Carlton Ward Jr. Brian Kelly, a panther biologist for the ...