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Should You Shave Your ‘Quarantine Beard’?
Emma Bowman, Connor Donevan | April 9, 2020
An infectious disease specialist says there's no evidence that people with facial hair carry a higher risk of infection or transmission of the coronavirus, as long as they practice diligent hygiene.
Promising Drug On The Horizon For COVID-19
Joe Palca | April 6, 2020
A drug that's been tested against the coronaviruses that cause MERS and SARS and shown to have valuable antiviral properties appears to be potent against the COVID-19 virus as well.
Adam Alter: How Do We Take Back Control Of Our Attention?
NPR/TED Staff | March 20, 2020
Within the last decade, we've opted to replace time spent on hobbies, exercise, and conversation with screen time. Social psychologist Adam Alter describes ways we can reclaim our attention.