News: Science

A Prophet Of Soil Gets His Moment Of Fame
Dan Charles | August 11, 2020
Rattan Lal, an Indian-born scientist, has devoted his career to finding ways to capture carbon from the air and store it in soil. Today, that idea has a catchy name: regenerative agriculture.
COVID-19 May Never Go Away — With Or Without A Vaccine
Lulu Garcia-Navarro, Christianna Silva | August 9, 2020
The virus might eventually behave more like the common cold, according to Vineet Menachery, a coronavirus researcher at the University of Texas Medical Branch.
Kelsey Leonard: What If Lakes And Rivers Had Legal Rights?
NPR/TED Staff | August 7, 2020
Water is life. Yet in the eyes of the law, it remains largely unprotected. Legal scholar Kelsey Leonard says granting water bodies legal personhood can transform how we value this vital resource.
Isaias Makes Landfall In North Carolina
Alana Wise | August 3, 2020
The eye came ashore near Ocean Isle Beach before the system weakened into a tropical storm. It's expected to linger in North Carolina before swirling up the Mid-Atlantic coast.