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Even The Los Angeles Lakers Got A PPP Small Business Loan
Jim Zarroli | April 27, 2020
The $3.7 billion NBA franchise and a handful of businesses are returning money they received from a federal program that was intended to help small companies hurt by the coronavirus pandemic.
NFL Kicks Off Its First ‘Fully Virtual’ Draft Tonight
Brakkton Booker | April 23, 2020
"Draft day 2020, much different than we ever imagined, but it's going to be fun," said NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in a video tour of his basement where he'll preside over the three-day event.
MLB Punishes Red Sox In Sign Stealing Scandal
Hannah Hagemann | April 22, 2020
A league investigation found that J.T. Watkins, the team's video replay operator, was the major culprit in the 2018 scheme. The team has lost a draft pick and Watkins is suspended without pay.