Ethiopia denounces WHO head for saying crisis ignored because of Tigrayans’ skin color
The Associated Press | August 18, 2022
The head of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, speaks in Brussels on Feb. 18. Ethiopia's government is criticizing Tedros' statement that the crisis in the country's Tigray region is "the worst disaster on Earth" and his assertion that the lack of attention from global leaders may be due ...
A rapidly spreading E. coli outbreak in Michigan and Ohio is raising health alarms
Wynne Davis | August 18, 2022
This computer illustration shows the E. coli bacteria in blood. An outbreak in Michigan and Ohio is under investigation as health officials try to determine the source. Kateryna Kon | Getty Images/Science Photo Libra At least 29 people have fallen ill during a fast-moving E. coli outbreak in Michigan and ...
Mosquitoes surprise researcher with their ‘weird’ sense of smell
Ari Daniel | August 18, 2022
How do mosquitoes smell us out? And how can we stop them? A new study offers a surprising answer to the first question — and hope for better preventive strategies as a result. LWA | Getty Images A new study published in Thursday's edition of Cell reports that a mosquito's ...
Allen Weisselberg, a Trump Org employee for decades, pleads guilty to felony charges
Ilya Marritz , Andrea Bernstein | August 18, 2022
Former Trump Organization chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg arrives for a hearing on his criminal case at Manhattan Criminal Court on Aug. 12 in New York City. The Manhattan District Attorney's office is charging Weisselberg and the Trump Organization with tax fraud after being accused of paying employees "off the ...
The world’s smallest sea turtle nests in Louisiana for the first time in 75 years
The Associated Press | August 18, 2022
This undated photo provided by the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority in August 2022 shows a newly hatched Kemp's ridley sea turtle making its way out to the Gulf of Mexico from Louisiana's Chandeleur Islands. Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority | AP NEW ORLEANS — The world's smallest and most ...
Can a teen be too immature to choose abortion? This court case shows the complexities
Rachel Treisman | August 18, 2022
People march to protest the Supreme Court's decision in the Dobbs v Jackson Women's Health case on June 24 in Miami. Joe Raedle | Getty Images A Florida court effectively blocked a pregnant, parentless 16-year-old from getting an abortion, saying she is not mature enough to make that decision despite ...
Coroner rules Anne Heche’s death an accident
Andrew Limbong | August 18, 2022
Heche suffered burns and an inhalation injury after she crashed her car earlier this month. Mike Coppola | Getty Images The Los Angeles County coroner has ruled Anne Heche's death an accident, caused by inhalation and thermal injuries. The actor crashed her car into a home on Aug. 5. She ...
Google workers sign petition asking company to protect people’s abortion search data
Raquel Maria Dillon | August 18, 2022
Workers at Google's parent company Alphabet want to better protect people's abortion-related location data and search history. Marcio Jose Sanchez | AP About 650 Google workers have signed a petition asking the company to protect users' abortion-related location data and search history. The move comes over concerns that law enforcement ...
Former judges who sent kids to jail for kickbacks must pay more than $200 million
The Associated Press | August 18, 2022
Former Luzerne County Court Judges Michael Conahan, front left, and Mark Ciavarella, front right, leave the United States District Courthouse in Scranton, Pa., in 2009. The two Pennsylvania judges who orchestrated a scheme to send children to for-profit jails in exchange for kickbacks were ordered to pay more than $200 ...