Alexis Nikole Nelson: How Foraging Restored My Relationship With Food

Tim Johnson | Columbus Monthly Magazine

Part 1 of TED Radio Hour episode The Food Connection

Forager and TikTok influencer Alexis Nikole Nelson shares how the great outdoors has offered her both an endless array of food options and an outlet to reconnect with her food and her culture.

About Alexis Nikole Nelson

Alexis Nikole Nelson is a forager who runs a popular TikTok account about foraging under @alexisnikole.

She has always been a self-taught student of foraging, but she only became an active forager once she graduated college in 2015 and needed a cheap and sustainable way to incorporate fruits and greens into her diet.

Alexis later started a personal TikTok account where she showcased herself collecting and cooking everything from acorns to yellow dandelions. Her account currently has over 2 million followers.

She is based in Columbus, Ohio.

Please note: If done incorrectly, foraging can pose serious risks. Those who choose to pursue foraging should conduct thorough research from multiple credible sources, consult experts, and exercise caution.

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