Social Distancing Leads To Blood Shortage
Jeff Brady | March 17, 2020
Coronavirus concerns and social distancing guidelines have prompted organizers to cancel thousands of blood drives around the country. Now officials warn there's a shortage for hospitals.
The Classist History Behind Bad Bunny’s ‘Bichiyal’
Frances Solá-Santiago | March 17, 2020
When Bad Bunny released YHLQMDLG, he coined a new term: "bichiyal." It fuses two Puerto Rican slang words—"bicha" and "yal"—and illustrates reggaeton's complicated relationship with class and women.
Uber, Lyft Halt Shared Carpool Service In U.S. And Canada
Shannon Bond | March 17, 2020
The San Francisco-based transportation firms say they are acting in line with public health efforts to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Both are still operating their regular ride-hailing services.
Are U.S. Hospitals Ready?
Selena Simmons-Duffin, Nurith Aizenman | March 17, 2020
Here's what it will take for medical facilities across the nation to handle the coming surge of COVID-19 patients.