Alicia Keys Wants You To Know You’re Doing Great
Audie Cornish, Mano Sundaresan | September 18, 2020
Keys speaks with Audie Cornish about delivering her seventh album, Alicia, during the pandemic, and the strange new resonance of songs written before anyone knew what this year would be like.
Poll: Biden Maintains Lead Over Trump With Likely Voters
Domenico Montanaro | September 18, 2020
Joe Biden leads by 9 points against President Trump, who continues to face an uphill reelection battle. But the Democratic nominee is underperforming with people of color who are likely to vote.
Everyone’s A Sinner In ‘The Devil All The Time’
Justin Chang | September 18, 2020
The Netflix adaptation of Donald Ray Pollock's novel is grim in ways that can be both exciting and wearying: so many twists and betrayals, so many awful characters, so many horrific acts of violence.
U.S. To Bar Downloads Of TikTok, WeChat
Bobby Allyn, Bill Chappell | September 18, 2020
As of Sunday, no mobile app store in the U.S. will be allowed to distribute or maintain the popular Chinese-owned apps, the Commerce Department says.