States Prepare To Spend Millions To Address Flooding
Rebecca Hersher | July 6, 2020
States including Virginia and Texas have set aside significant money to address flooding. Local officials hope it will help pay for flood prevention projects that the federal government won't fund.
Britain Announces A $2 Billion Rescue Package For The Arts
Frank Langfitt | July 6, 2020
The package, announced Sunday, includes grants and loans that theaters, museums, live music venues and others can use to pay salaries and maintenance costs as they try to survive during the pandemic.
The Dentist Will See You Now. But Should You Go?
Fran Kritz | July 6, 2020
Dentists spend their careers eye to eye with infectious patients, their hands inside gaping mouths, and have a vested interest in making sure everyone stays safe. Here's how they do it.