Time Running Out To Rescue 53 Sailors Aboard Missing Indonesian Submarine
Scott Neuman | April 22, 2021
An Indonesian navy ship searches for the submarine KRI Nanggala 402 that went missing this week in the waters off Bali.Eric Ireng | AP Rescuers scouring the Bali Sea for a stricken Indonesian submarine with 53 sailors aboard are hoping the crew could still be alive, but as the hours ...
‘Drawing Inspiration’ From Artists Who Make Their Mark On Paper, Not Canvas
Susan Stamberg | April 22, 2021
Alyssa Monks, Transfixed (drawing), 2020, vine charcoal on paperCopyright Alyssa Monks | Courtesy of Forum Gallery, New York What's your guess? Is that a photograph? The face is so close and specific. Did the photographer hold the camera in one hand, and an umbrella in the other? Maybe want to ...
At Biden Climate Summit, World Leaders Pledge To Do More, Act Faster
Scott Detrow, Nathan Rott | April 22, 2021
President Biden delivers opening remarks to the virtual Leaders Summit on Climate from the East Room of the White House on Thursday.Evan Vucci | AP Updated April 22, 2021 at 3:33 PM ET Calling climate change "the existential crisis of our time," President Biden announced an aggressive new plan to ...
How PJ Harvey’s ‘Uh Huh Her’ Taught Me To Carve My Own Path
Laura Snapes | April 22, 2021
PJ Harvey's Uh Huh Her was a powerful force for critic Laura Snapes. "Seeing this woman I so admired derail a linear path to greater success and greater approval – the de facto path as far as teachers were concerned – was revelatory," she writes.Photo Illustration by Renee Klahr/NPR | ...
What Does Vaccine Inequality Look Like? See Chart
Jason Beaubien | April 22, 2021
Earlier this month, Namibia's president was invited to join the World Health Organization's weekly press briefing to talk about World Health Day. The idea was for him to help explain to the hundreds of reporters from around the world what was happening with COVID-19 immunization efforts in his southern African ...
Health Insurance For $10 Or Less A Month? You May Qualify For New Discounts
Selena Simmons-Duffin | April 22, 2021
The Biden administration has opened up enrollment on all Affordable Care Act marketplaces, including on the federal insurance exchange,, until August. Many people will qualify for better or less expensive plans — or by NPR Signing up for health insurance can be a confusing headache. At the same ...
With Steamed Eggs And Succulents, ‘Goodbye, Again’ Brings Us Home
Janet W. Lee | April 22, 2021
Harper Perennial There's something in the way Jonny Sun tells stories that makes you feel like he can see right through you. No matter the medium, he speaks directly to readers, inviting us to intimate conversations on loneliness, belonging and burnout. Goodbye, Again came into my life after I had ...
State Foster Care Agencies Take Millions Of Dollars Owed To Children In Their Care
Eli Hager, Joseph Shapiro | April 22, 2021
Tristen Hunter was 16 and preparing to leave foster care in Juneau, Alaska, when a social worker mentioned that the state agency responsible for protecting him had been taking his money for years. Hunter's mother died when he was little, and his father later went to prison, court records show, ...
Biden Makes New Pledge For U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions: A 50% Cut
Scott Detrow | April 22, 2021
Emissions from a coal-fired power plant are silhouetted against the setting sun in Independence, Mo., in February. President Biden is announcing a new pledge for the U.S. to reduce carbon emissions under the Paris climate agreement.Charlie Riedel | AP President Biden opened a global summit on climate change Thursday morning ...
International Space Station Is About To Get Crowded, And It’s Running Out Of Beds
Brendan Byrne | April 22, 2021
The International Space Station is larger than a football field. But with 11 people soon to be aboard, there aren't enough places for them all to sleep.Courtesy NASA The International Space Station might be bigger than a football field, but it's equipped with just seven permanent sleeping pods, each about ...