George Hirsch Lifestyle Radio

George Hirsch Lifestyle Radio

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George Hirsch Lifestyle Radio explores how people from all walks of life are woven together through food and culture. No matter who they are or where they’re from, the experience of sharing a meal and exchanging tradition is a language everyone understands. In an extension of his long-running public television series, chef George Hirsch shares his holistic approach to lifestyle and food through compelling conversations with a broad array of distinctive guests – on topics ranging from nourishment and nutrition, food sustainability and science, clean and healthy eating, and even the boom of culinary cinema. George and his guests share memorable moments around the table and offer fresh perspectives that celebrate the many ways that how we live and what we eat connects us all.

About George Hirsch

Hampton’s resident George Hirsch has been a presence on public television for more than 25 years. With New York and Long Island roots, George Hirsch is an award-winning chef, TV host, 5x author, and local and syndicated radio personality. He has interviewed hundreds of leaders and world-class craftsmen in their field, informing and motivating his viewers and listeners to succeed by example. A self-professed pizza snob, George is proud to share his travels for the best pie.

About Alex Goetzfried

Co-host Alex Goetzfried is a life-long Hamptons resident. He first endeared audiences on George Hirsch Lifestyle TV in his ever-popular “chat and chew segment.” From cooking in world-class restaurants to covering lifestyle topics as a journalist for several of the Hampton’s leading publications, his award-winning photos and writing is engaging despite his disdain for muffins. As long-time good friends, both enjoy cooking together and gathering for a Sunday supper.

George Hirsch Lifestyle Radio is a production of Hirsch Media and Audio Engagement Group LLC. Executive producer is George Hirsch. For WLIW-FM Diane Masciale is executive producer.