Sock Hop Saturday Night

Sock Hop Saturday Night


Hosted by: Mark Edwards

It’s probably easier to say what the show ISN’T! This show ISN’T your typical, consultant-driven oldies show that only plays the same 300 songs over and over until you are sick of hearing them. It ISN’T robot-radio with a personality-less host and lots of liner cards. It ISN’T a show that tells listeners they can’t request a song they want to hear instead of the consultants choice.

What it IS is a unique, weekly oldies radio program that caters to its base of dedicated fans and regular listeners. It’s different every week with the ability to draw from a playlist of over 17,000 titles! Its host, Mark Edwards, brings life, personality and interaction to the show. It’s an instant memory machine and its fans are loyal followers with many listening from the opening intro to the close.

In a nutshell the mission statement could be summed up as: “It is our intention that at least once each broadcast, that you will roll your eyes back, place your hand on your forehead and exclaim, ‘wow, I haven’t heard this song in years!’

Requests make up a key portion of the show and are a major factor in the overall success of the program something Edwards realized over 10 years ago when Sock Hop first debuted to thunderous reviews in Connecticut.

This program is supported by Southrifty Drugstore.