MetroFocus: August 19, 2020

MetroFocus | August 19, 2020

Walk just a couple of blocks in NYC these days and you’ll be frequently reminded of the economic devastation inflicted by the pandemic, particularly when it comes to small businesses. Restaurants are shuttered. Retail stores are boarded up. And according to Comptroller Scott Stringer’s recent data- while many shops are surviving, at least 2,800 small businesses have permanently closed their doors since March, leaving thousands of New Yorkers out of work and in financial peril. Tonight, he shares the details of his new proposal to “Save Main Street” and rescue small businesses in New York.

Coming of age is a difficult journey for most young people. But when that journey is fraught with issues like gender, class and race, it can be doubly difficult. These are often subjects parents have a hard time discussing openly and frankly with their children. So to help facilitate these conversations within families and give kids of color a variety of narratives that reflect the profundity of their experiences in an honest manner, author and publisher Wade Hudson and his wife, publisher and editor Cheryl Willis are offering a way to spark those conversations for families with a new book “The Talk: Conversations About Race, Love and Truth.”