METROFOCUS: February 3, 2021

MetroFocus | February 3, 2021


Long Island has just had one of its worst months so far during the pandemic. In January, Nassau County alone had over 34,000 new positive coronavirus cases. And following a slow rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine in New York, the state now finds itself waiting on the federal government to distribute additional allocations to Long Island and other regions- forcing desperate Long Islanders frustrated with the shortage of vaccine appointments in their hometown to travel as far as Canada to secure inoculation. And still, despite the high infection rates, restaurants and small businesses on the island remain open, at limited capacity. And marking a shift in policy from the Fall, student athletes in Nassau County will now be able to compete in close-contact ‘high risk’ sports under new guidelines that won’t call for players or coaches to be tested. Tonight, Metrofocus is one-on-on with Nassau County executive Laura Curran as she shares the difficulties of balancing the needs of the people with preventing the spread of the disease and shares her personal experience of life in quarantine after she herself was exposed to the coronavirus.