METROFOCUS: February 9, 2021

MetroFocus | February 10, 2021

Forty-five Senate Republicans voted last week in support of a measure declaring the impeachment trial unconstitutional since Donald Trump is already out of office. But a conviction could lead to a second vote banning Trump from running for office again. So as Congress embarks on an historic second impeachment trial, a group of Republican former officials including Former New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman are taking action and rebutting that argument for dismissal. Tonight, Whitman- the director of the Republican Accountability Project and co-chair of the Republican Leadership Council joins us to urge Senate Republicans to hold Donald Trump accountable in the impeachment trial or risk suffering a ‘permanent stain’ on the party.

The late Mario Cuomo once said, ‘A nation gets its soul from the arts not its military or its economy and therefore brings hope to the world.’ Tony Bennett has been a dedicated agent of the arts for seven decades. So as we learn the news today that the 94-year-old Queens born crooner has been quietly hiding his Alzheimer’s disease for four years while continuing to work despite his symptoms, we honor his fortitude and his legacy of hope in this exclusive interview with Tony Bennett and his wife, Susan Benedetto