METROFOCUS: January 27, 2021

MetroFocus | January 27, 2021

Last spring the tristate area was the nation’s coronavirus ground zero with New York and New Jersey fighting to secure testing, PPE and ventilators. Nearly one year later, the two states are once again in crisis mode and racing to administer the vaccine amid reports of dwindling supplies. So where are the states succeeding and where are they falling short? How are Governors Cuomo and Murphy handling this stage of the pandemic? And how much blame should fall on the Feds? Steve Adubato, Metrofocus Contributor, host of State Of Affairs with Steve Adubato and author of the forthcoming book: “Lessons In Leadership: Innovation (and Disruption) In An Age Of COVID-19 and Beyond” joins us for this first of our two-night special Eye On The Vaccine reports.

EPIX docuseries “By Whatever Means Necessary: The Times Of Godfather Harlem” brings to life the excitement of 1960s Harlem and introduces the artists who dared to use their voices, instruments and lyrics to take a stand against systemic injustice. Featuring interviews with Academy Award-winner Forest Whitaker, musicians Gladys Knight and Herbie Hancock, activists Reverend Al Sharpton and Felipe Luciano, former U.S. Representative Charles Rangel and Apollo Theater historian Billy Mitchell and so many more. The series uses archival footage for a look beyond the black and white historical images into the multicolored souls of musicians unafraid to use music as a weapon against change. Tonight, executive producer and director Keith McQuirter and Vocalist Robin Clark take us on this meaningful musical tour of Harlem.