MetroFocus: July 15, 2021

MetroFocus | July 15, 2021

Have you ever asked yourself “How did I end up here?” “What experiences and circumstances have led to where I am right now?” Bob McKinnon believes these are the most important questions we can ask ourselves and the mere act of reflection will lead to a better society for us all. Bob is host of the Attribution With Bob McKinnon podcast which is distributed by PBS Chasing The Dream, director of the non-profit Moving Up Media and author of the new book “Three Little Engines” which is a modern retelling of the beloved childhood classic “The Little Engine That Could.” Tonight he joins us as part of our Chasing The Dream initiative to explore the concepts of social mobility and inequality in a manner with which young children can identify.

After spending decades covering some of the most important criminal cases in the country, legal journalist Wendy Whitman has decided to use her experience, and vast knowledge of past murder trails, to write her debut novel. The book, a crime thriller, titled Premonition, is loosely based on Whitman’s own life and informed by trails Whitman covered that she feels did not get the media attention they deserved at the time. Wendy Whitman joins us to discuss her new book and give her take on some problematic aspects of the criminal justice system.