MetroFocus: March 10, 2022

MetroFocus | March 10, 2022

The war in Ukraine has already resulted in thousands of casualties and millions of Ukrainians becoming displaced. There are now credible reports that the Russians have also been committing war crimes against civilians. Representative Adriano Espaillat, the Democratic Congressman representing New York’s 13th district, is speaking out against these war crimes.  He joins us with an update on the crisis, the state of aid negotiations, and what he and his office are doing to help the people of Ukraine and Ukrainian Americans living in New York City.

As the war in Ukraine stretches into a new month, another troubling storyline has emerged related to how Western media organizations are covering the conflict.  On several occasions, war correspondents have framed suffering and displacement as acceptable for people in the Middle East, but not in Europe where people are “civilized,” “have blue eyes and blond hair” and “look like us.”  Observers and experts say they have found numerous examples of racial bias like this in reporting from major news outlets and expressed concern about the lack of coverage typically devoted to other conflicts. Guardian columnist and Brooklyn College English professor Moustafa Bayoumi is helping draw attention to these issues, and he joins us to discuss the larger consequences of the media’s reporting from Ukraine and what can be done to root out bias.